Jetliner crash-lands in Peru

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Location of Peru
Location of Peru

A Peruvian jetliner carrying between 94 and 100 people crashed near Pucallpa, Peru on Tuesday at 21:20 UTC. Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo said 70 to 80 had been killed, and other authorities have said at least 40. The Boeing 737-200, operated by military-run airline Tans Peru had attempted an emergency landing on Federico Basadre road in Peru's central jungle. The crash is said to have been caused by bad weather.

The plane, headed from Lima to Pucallpa to Iquitos, crashed outside Pucallpa at 21:20 UTC.
The plane, headed from Lima to Pucallpa to Iquitos, crashed outside Pucallpa at 21:20 UTC.

"Until now, there are 40 cadavers that rescue teams are pulling from the wreckage. There could be more deaths, we assume some 60 people in total, since we've rescued 20 injured people," said a police office in the nearby town on RPP radio.[1]

The pilot contacted the Pucallpa airport saying he could not land because of strong winds and a heavy storm, said Norma Pasquel, an airport receptionist. When the plane crash-landed, its landing gear had not been released, according to firefighter Ilda Pineda.

The plane was on a flight from Lima to Iquitos via Pucallpa.

Five of the deaths have been confirmed by Berta Garcia, a secretary at Pucallpa's municipal hospital, on RPP radio. She said the bodies of four adults and a small boy had been brought to the hospital.

Tans Peru confirmed the emergency landing, saying several people had been killed or injured.

100 people—92 passengers and eight crew members—were on the plane, said Tans spokesman Jorge Belevan on CPN radio, and his figures were echoed by BBC News. Speaking on the same station, Transportation Minister Jose Ortiz said the plane carried 93 passengers and five crew membmers. Xinhua reported that 94 people were on the plane.