John Major brings "Anglo Saxon way of life" into terrorist discussion

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

On CNN's Anderson Cooper-hosted 360 Degrees program, former British Prime Minister John Major said, "I think it's now patently apparent that there are people in the United Kingdom (who) are alienated from the Anglo-Saxon way of life and are prepared to indulge in these dreadful acts of criminality."

Sir John's pro Anglo-Saxon rhetoric has not gone unnoticed. Ekow Eshun of the Newstatesman writes that Major's comments belong on the dustheap of history along with cricket.

The former British leader has also been recently quoted as saying in reference to the Brazilian citizen killed by police; "I rather prefer the expression shoot to protect rather than shoot to kill — I think that is a more accurate description of what happened."

In addition Sir John has come out as an advocate of deportation for people who express distaste for the "Anglo-Saxon way of life". The Saudi ambassador to London, Prince Turki al-Faisal, is voicing the same position as Major regarding the need for deporting some of the Muslim clerics. In the 1960s there was born a somewhat similar "America, love it or leave it" viewpoint among American conservatives, a viewpoint that is still the subject of debate today.