Kangaroos escape in France

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Macropus rufus, Kangaroo
Image: Lilly M .

Three of fifteen escaped kangaroos are still on the loose in southern France after vandals broke open cages in an Australian-themed park, letting the kangaroos loose.

"When we arrived on Saturday morning, five pens had been broken open, their padlocks were smashed and the perimeter fence was torn in several places," said Carole Masson, the owner of the park which is located in Carcassonne.

A massive search was organized by firefighters, police and gendarmes. So far 12 kangaroos have been found. Five of them had remained within the park.

There is a concern that the marsupials will make their way onto a freeway, and become a risk to themselves or drivers.

In October of 2008, in the same park, hunting dogs managed to get loose. They later attacked and killed 44 of the park's kangaroos.