Khamenei criticizes "materialistic values" for mistreatment of workers

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Monday, April 30, 2007

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei gave a public address before Labor Day wherein he commended the workforce for its contribution to the economic growth of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The address ensued the Minister of Labor Mohammad Jahromi presentation of an economic report.

Khamenei claimed that the Islamic System is superior to the materialistic ones of the West that trample upon workers' rights when he indicated that the "West-linked establishments has shown in practice they hold no mercy for workers". In fact, the "concentration and accumulation of wealth and maximization of profit" is deplored in Iran's Constitution. Moreover, he emphasized that solutions must be sought within the framework of Islam. In the Islamic school of economy, "respect of investor comes along respect of worker" while the balance should tilt towards the worker to promote justice.

Khamenei also indirectly lashed out against the enemies who want to sow discord among classes through trade unions. This may have been a reference to Mansour Osanlou who led a strike of bus workers in Tehran in 2005 and others.

Khamenei also decried "the rage in the pre-Islamic-Revolution era" over foreign products. The was chiefly a reference to the termination of American products in Iran such as Coca-Cola, vehicles, electronics, et cetera. He went on to proclaim that the humiliation of the nation is over.