King's Cross railway station in London evacuated

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Monday, June 26, 2006

A fire close to the King's Cross railway station in London, England has led to the station being evacuated because of fears that the fire could cause the explosion of fuel close to or in the station area. London's subway, or "tube", system is still functioning normally. At this time, one person has been injured from burns and has been hospitalised.

In a recent update on June 27, it appears that, for a second day, King's Cross will continue to be closed to passengers. The explanation for the closure is because gas cylinders near the fire and rail station were heated up and could explode. Many homes are within the 200 m radius around the site, and the station itself is about 100 m away from the fuel. The estimated 60,000 passengers per day on the station's rail lines will probably have to wait until around tomorrow (Wednesday) at noon, when the station is expected to re-open.