Last 10 days of online voting for Chatterbox Challenge

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Friday, April 22, 2005

The Chatterbox Challenge is a competition for chatbots (computer programmes designed to imitate human conversation). It has categories such as Best Learning Bot and Most Knowledgeable Bot, but also has a contest for the Most Popular Bot, which is decided by users voting. The voting runs through April, so time is running out to vote for your favorite bot.

The 2005 competition has over 100 bots entered. Well-known bots, such as AI Alex, ALICE, Ella, and Jabberwacky, are in the competition, as well as newer creations such as Barry DeFacto from two-time Loebner winner Robby Garner, and RoboMatix X1 from Egypt. The current leader is the relatively new SmarterChild, but a lot can change in the next ten days.

Contest organiser Wendell Cowart says, "The sheer variety of the chatbots entered is quite amazing... Chatbot names range from Aib to Zoe, and personalities vary from a banjo plucking hill-billy to a serial killer".

To vote in the Chatterbox Challenge, go to the contest website at,