Lebanon elects army chief as new president

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Michel Suleiman officially became the President of Lebanon yesterday after a series of events that had delayed the election by over a year were concluded.

Some people in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, set off explosives and fired guns to celebrate the victory.

The Lebanese coat of arms
Image: Zscout370.

US President George W. Bush released a statement regarding the victory: "I congratulate Michel Sleiman on his election as President of Lebanon."

Bush continued, "I am confident that Lebanon has chosen a leader committed to protecting its sovereignty, extending the government's authority over all of Lebanon, and upholding Lebanon's international obligations under UN Security Council Resolutions, including 1559, 1701 and 1757."

"I am hopeful that the Doha Agreement, which paved the way for this election, will usher in an era of political reconciliation to the benefit of all Lebanese. We look forward to working with President Sleiman in pursuit of our common values of freedom and independence."