Locals and officer claim to have seen a UFO in Charlotte, North Carolina

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Friday, January 26, 2007

North Carolina

A turquoise colored UFO was reported by locals and an officer in and around Charlotte, North Carolina. Jim Neal said that the object was, "Bright blue-green ball with a white tail." Julie Bigham said that the object was, "A greenish-like light low in the sky. We thought a small plane or helicopter was going to crash." David Whitesides said that the object was, "A slow-moving bluish glow." Brett Lay said that the object was, "Large, bright green ball. Had a haze about it." Amy Bromberg said that, "Almost looked like a flare. Kind of creepy."

An officer, who had been dispatched to confirm the object, said that object was visible and moving.

  • Dispatch: "Did you see it?"
  • Officer: "10-4."
  • Dispatch: "We've gotten several calls."
  • Officer: "I'm out on 27 heading west. I don’t know what it was… like a shooting star or something."

Psychologist Granville Angell, who is also a former military pilot, said that, "It was like a ball that grew a tail. It was about 20 to 30 degrees above the horizon. Uh, and it came from west to east. It was like a shallow arc across the sky and descended down. It was a very shallow descent and a glowing flare as it went down. It was visible for about, oh, 10-15 seconds. Heaven only knows what it could be, but some type of a UFO. I'm not saying an alien but something." He noted that he initially thought it was an airplane crashing but noticed that the colors weren't right and he said it could not have been a comet because it moved too slowly.

The National Weather Service said they received more than a dozen calls about the object. All planes and helicopters in the area were accounted for.