Major police operation in west London

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Friday, July 22, 2005

A major Police Operation took place this afternoon in west London. The operation is centred around an Internet Cafe near Harrow Road. The BBC reports that armed police and a police dog have been deployed.

Houst Monfaradi, a witness at the scene, said "There's what looks like a bomb disposal-type vehicle, armoured, and there's several armed officers around it," "From my window I can see 20 doors down what looks like a bomb disposal type vehicle, it's armoured and there are several armed officers around it...About half an hour ago police officers ran up my road telling everyone to get inside their houses...Anyone who even puts their head out, they scream 'get inside your house'...About 15 minutes ago I saw a little remote controlled vehicle...It went round to the left and then it disappeared from my view...It was followed by a couple of armed officers with shields."