Man dies in Serbian enclave; could not call ambulance

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Friday, October 1, 2010

The Health Centre of Gračanica reported a man from central Kosovo died because of late medical attention. He was unable to call for medical attention due to telephone signal cuts in Kosovo.

The Health Centre announced on their website the patient with initials M.D. died Tuesday at 17:10 CET and was "the first victim of a violent and inhuman phone line cuts."

Centre director Radmila Trajković said, "His daughter came to our health institution upset, saying that her father was in a very serious condition and that they had been unable to call the ambulance all night.

"By the way, he was suffering from angina, he had cerebral infraction earlier and he was in a serious chronic condition, but on September 27 his condition acutely worsened."

The Health Centre added that on September 27, the patient was already feeling ill, but he could not call for help.


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