Man found dead after car crash in Shetland

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Map of Scotland with Shetland Islands highlighted in dark blue.

A man has been killed after a crash in Shetland, off the north-east coast of Scotland. 66-year-old James Leask, known locally as James Coal, was driving a rented Renault Clio on a countryside road between Laxfirth and Vatster when he crashed the vehicle.

According to the Northern Constabulary, the vehicle lost control due to icy road conditions. The burnt-out car was discovered by the police at approximately 0600 UTC on Saturday. A statement issued by Northern Constabulary says that an "extensive search in blizzard conditions" was initiated to find Leask.

A variety of techniques were used, including door-to-door enquiries, checks on public transport and a public appeal, a Coastguard helicopter finally discovered the body in some moorland at approximately 1600 UTC on Saturday. His dead body, which was found roughly 300 metres from where the vehicle was discovered, was partially covered by snow.

As far as the police service are concerned, the circumstances of the accident are not considered to be suspicious. A report is to be given to a Procurator Fiscal later on.