Man mistakenly interviewed live on BBC News 24

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Correction — June 16, 2009
The article states that Guy Goma was in the wrong waiting room. In fact, he was waiting in the correct room; it was the BBC employee who was sent to collect Guy Kewney who entered the wrong waiting room, and collected Goma instead.

A man spoke of his embarrassment and shock after he was mistakenly rushed into the BBC News 24 studio and interviewed live on the news channel about the Apple Corps (Beatles) vs. Apple Inc. court case.

Wikipedia has more about this subject:

The producer called for the real guest, ICT expert Guy Kewney, but Guy Goma, waiting in a wrong reception area of BBC Television Centre, mistakenly heard and identified himself as Kewney. He was taken into the studio and as the presenter asked the first question, the bemused look on his face was clear to see. However, the reporter charged on anyway, embarrassing Congo-born Goma with a further two questions which he struggled through.