Michael Jackson fate in hands of jurors

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Wednesday, June 8, 2005

A statement issued by Michael Jackson's defense attorney Tom Meserau will not delay deliberations in the Michael Jackson case. At 2200 UTC time on Wednesday, a judge in the case announced a statement that would be released an hour later. The statement was apparently from Jackson's defense attorney, which according to CNN states the following:

I have not authorized anyone to speak or hold press conferences on behalf of Michael Jackson or his family. A gag order is in effect which the defense team will continue to honor.

The statement follows the comment made by Jackson's spokeswoman Raymone Bain, who stated that she was forced to appear at the courthouse where Jackson's trial was being held. The statement came after a reporter accused Bain of appearing at a courthouse press conference when on unfavorable terms with Meserau.

Thursday will begin day five of jury deliberations in the trial which the pop star is accused of sexually molesting a thirteen-year-old boy back in 2003.