Microsoft develops anti-virus product

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Microsoft Corporation announced plans to launch a new security product later this year, named Windows OneCare.

Product features are to include anti-virus software capabilities, a new firewall and PC tune ups. The PC tune ups include utilities for improved backup and restore capabilities, and easy access to Windows PC maintenance tools for file repair and hard drive clean up.

The major elements of the product are:

  • A firewall that (unlike Windows Firewall but like third party personal firewall products for Windows) prevents unauthorized programs from making outgoing connections
  • Anti-spyware, based upon Microsoft AntiSpyware
  • Virus protection, based upon technology bought by Microsoft from the Romanian company GeCAD
  • Scheduled disc cleanup and defragmentation.
  • Automatic backup to writable CD or DVD.

An early beta version of product, not including the anti-spyware capability, has already been released to Microsoft employees. A public beta is scheduled for later in 2005.

Microsoft plans to make Windows OneCare available to customers for a yearly subscription fee.

Recently, Microsoft bought Giant software, makers of antivirus and spyware prevention software. Windows Anti-Spyware software is already built on this system.