Moldovan Prosecutor General’s Office finishes investigation regarding Valeriu Pasat

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Prosecutors are investigating Valeriu Pasat, a former Moldovan Defense Minister and current adviser to the Chief of Unified Energy Systems of Russia, for reported sales of Moldovan military equipment for personal gain.

Pasat is being held regarding two charges. The first involves illegal sales of multiple missile launchers to the firm Joy Slovakia, and the second regarding the sale of 21 MiG-29 jets to the United States in 1997. The first deal is reported to have cost Moldova US$1.8 million, with the second costing $53 million.

Pasat's lawyer Gheorghe Amihalachioae stated that Pasat had been given the materials for his criminal case to read. Pasat was summoned to the court, but refused to give testimony, instead stating that Moldovan authorities made up the charges against him for their own political gain.

If Pasat is found guilty on both charges, he could face from five to 12 years in prison.