MySpace removes 90,000 sex offenders

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

On February 4, 2009 in an attempt to keep MySpace safe for young users, MySpace officials stated that they have removed 90,000 sex offender accounts from their website. The social networking site admitted this is double what they anticipated last year. MySpace previously thought the site had 40,000 offender accounts registered.

North Carolina attorney general Roy Cooper and Connecticut attorney general Richard Blumenthal stated that they encourage and seek more social networking sites like MySpace to become safer. After the MySpace team calculated the number of sex offenders on their website they submitted the numbers to both attorneys on Tuesday February 3.

"This shocking revelation, resulting from our subpoena, provides compelling proof that social networking sites remain rife with sexual predators," said Blumenthal.

Both attorneys work with Facebook and MySpace in an agreement to make their social networking websites safer, especially for young users. They have already made both websites safer by implementing dozens of safeguards and a special features where users older than the age of 18 have limitations searching users less than 18 years of age.