New Government introduced to the Italian Parliament

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April 26, 2005

Today around 6pm the new Italian Government was introduced to the House of Parliament.

This government turns out to have a larger number of ministers, vice-ministers and undersecretaries than the previous. There are 9 viceministers and 62 undersecretaries (to which Undersecretary of the Council Gianni Letta should be added.)

The new government also turns out to have the greatest number of ministers, vice-ministers and undersecretaries of all the governments of the Italian Republic. The number of vice-ministers has reached 9, the number of undersecretaries is 62 (plus Letta). This has caused the unusual sight of the benches of the Government being overcrowded (there are only 25 benches). The crowding is expected to increase, because in the emiciclo (the party of the Parliamentarians) there were few Parliamentarians today, since the House vote of confidence in the new government will be carried out only tomorrow.

Prime Minister Berlusconi has said that the next elections will take place in May of 2006 and this government will continue to serve until then.