New Palm Treo will run Windows Mobile

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Newpalmlogo L.jpg

Technology weblog Engadget has published exclusive photos of the yet to be released Palm Treo 700w. The Palm Treo 700w is the first Palm handheld to run Windows Mobile

No official announcement has yet been made. Palm may choose to make the official announcement at the upcoming CTIA Wireless IT and Entertainment trade show. The CTIA Wireless IT and Entertainment trade show is one of the phone industry's largest trade shows.

Palm Chief Financial Officer Andrew Brown said in a interview with CNet last month, that a Windows Mobile based smartphone may help convert corporate customers. "CIOs don't get fired for using Microsoft products."

According to engadget, the Treo 700w has a 1-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, 64 MB of memory and a 240x240 display.

Palm OS is no longer created by Palm but by a spinoff PalmSource. PalmSource was recently acquired by Japanese software company Access for $324 million. Palm is the only major handheld manufacturer to use PalmOS. Many expect Palm to release a PalmOS version in addition to the Windows Mobile version, somewhat implied by the model number Treo 700w. A PalmOS version of the phone would most likely be named Treo 700p.