Oil workers kidnapped off of Nigerian oil rig

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Friday, June 2, 2006

Eight oil workers have been kidnapped after gunman boarded the Bulford Dolphin oil platform off the African coast of Nigeria. One American, one Canadian, and six Britons were among those kidnapped. The names of the victims are not known, but families have been notified. At least 84 workers were on the platform at the time of the incident.

"Some unknown persons boarded the rig at 0300 local time (0200 UTC) and took eight workers. One of the abductees was made to call their onshore office in an attempt to open negotiations. Other than that, we don’t know who appears to be responsible or what the condition of the abductees might be," said a spokesperson for the Dolphin Drilling company.

Gunmen boarded the platform from three speedboats firing shots from their weapons while doing so. At least twenty gunmen are blamed for the incident.

Authorities investigating the crime do not know who is responsible. "We are on their trail and trying to secure the hostages’ release as soon as possible," said a spokesman for the Nigerian police.

Oil drilling on the platform has been suspended until further notice.