Oral Roberts returns to namesake university amid son's scandal

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Former faith healer and televangelist Oral Roberts returned to Oral Roberts University (ORU) on October 22 as President. His son Richard Roberts, who served as president since 1993, stepped down last week amid allegations of illegal political and financial wrongdoing.

Oral said that all allegations made in the ORU lawsuit and an attached report are false and "said the university will begin mediation this week with the three former professors." However according to Tulsa World, an attorney for the professors who sued ORU said, "Right now, we're a bit disturbed about attempting any type of a settlement as long as they're so adamant they haven't done anything wrong," and "We would prefer to move forward and develop the information and develop the case."

On Monday night alumni, clergy from around the U.S., and the people fired held a rally at Morningstar Baptist Church asking for Richard to permantly resign. They say Robert's temporary leave of absence "isn't enough."


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