Over 60 members of Chadian sect killed by troops after violence

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Over 60 members of a Chadian sect have been killed in fighting with police that started after the group's leader announced his wish to start a holy war. The government security minister, Mahamat Bachir, said that the death toll is "a regrettable toll, but we think we now control the situation caused by the actions carried out by these terrorists, these extremists."

Ahmat Ismael Bichara, who led the sect and claimed to follow the religion of Islam, ordered his followers to attack villagers as part of the start of a holy war. As a result of this, he was arrested.

Members of the security forces were also wounded in the attack. There were ten injuries, four of which resulted in fatalities. In addition to the deaths from the sect, over 50 members of the group were also injured.

Government officials also claimed that the sect wanted the war to spread as far as Europe. "Since June 3, he [the leader of the group] has been calling on all Muslims to prepare to engage in a holy war against Christians and atheists, saying that the war would be launched from Chad to as far as Denmark," said the official.

The incident occurred in an area near the town of Kouno, which is 300 kilometres away from Ndjamena, the Chadian capital.