Over 80 Afghans killed by bombing in Kandahār

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Witnesses have reported that at least 80 people have died in a bombing in Afghanistan. The bombing took place in the Kandahar city area of the country, with early reports saying that took place in the Western areas of the city, which is in the South of Afghanistan. The Indonesia based news agency, Antara News has reported that the bombing took place during a dog fighting match.

A spokesman for the Interior Ministry of Afghanistan has confirmed the reports by saying that "there was an explosion in Kandahar this morning," and that "there are a number of people killed and injured." He added that "killed dozens and wounded dozens more," and that he "can't give an exact number [of injuries and deaths], but the number is very high." He also said that "all the police are there [at the scene of the bombing] and they are evacuating the injured and the dead."

A senior police official has been quoted as saying that "We have 56 people martyred and about 40 others wounded." Reports from witnesses have also stated that a famous former commander was killed in the blast.

The Interior Ministry of Afghanistan has said that they are not sure whether the blast was a suicide bomb, although they have made clear that they are sure it is a bombing.