Planned shooting thwarted in Wisconsin

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Friday, September 15, 2006

A planned shooting was intercepted by police in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The suspects were arrested on the morning of September 14th at East High School, a day after the shooting at Dawson College. Police raided the suspects' homes and found nine rifles and shotguns, ammunition, several "crudely made" bombs, bomb-making material, camouflage clothing, two-way radios, helmets and gas masks. Nothing was found at the school upon their arrest. There was no timeline to the plan, but police say that an attack was imminent. It has been labeled as "a Columbine waiting to happen".

The suspects

Police Chief Craig Van Schyndle stated that "From statements that we heard, it gave us great concern that, yes, it was in the very near future something was going to take place". He also revealed that the school resource officer also "learned these two students were obsessed with pain, death, and had suicidal thoughts".

The suspects are currently in custody, and charges such as conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit arson are pending.