Police deactivate explosive device in Andalucía, Spain

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Sunday, December 5, 2004

ALMERIA, Spain. - A small explosive device was deactivated today by the Spanish police in Almería, Andalucía.

The bomb was hidden inside a small bag, accompanied by a note signed by ETA, and was set to explode at 13:30 on Monday, December 6, a national holiday to celebrate the Spanish Constitution. The explosive device was found by police while patrolling the Plaza de España (Spain Square), according to a memo by the Ministry of Interior, and was deactivated by a bomb squad without having to explode it.

The Civil Guard calculated that the device carried less than 200 grams of explosive, about the same amount as the bombs placed in 5 gas stations in Madrid on Friday, according to "El Mundo". The Spanish Minister of Interior, José Antonio Alonso, appealed for the population to remain calm and trust the authorities.

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