Post match interview with Maroochydore Rugby Union Club's James Turvey on his 100 A grade games

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Sunday, July 4, 2021

Relatively few people reach one hundred top grade games at their local football club whether they play soccer, Australian rules, or either rugby code. Maroochydore Rugby Union's James Turvey joined that group on Saturday against Noosa.

In his time at Maroochydore Turvey has represented the Sunshine Coast at both the South Queensland part of the Country Championships and in Premier Rugby. He has also represented Queensland Country against New South Wales Country and South Queensland in the Country Championship proper.

Wikinews reporter Patrick Gillett caught up with him after his side's loss to Noosa.



How's the Body after 100 A grade games?

Turvey (to the right of the breakdown) has played 100 A grade games plus several representative games.
Image: Patrick Gillett.

((James Turvey)) Yeah, still sweet. I'm still going alright. Not too saw.

((WN)) Happy to get to that 100 top grade games?

((James Turvey)) Yeah, it's good. But just a bit disappointed about today obviously. But that's still good [get to] 100 games.

((WN)) Talk us through the journey to 100 A grade games.

((James Turvey)) I think I come here about 10 years ago. I was here, started playing and I didn't: I didn't play that many games, I was playing a bit of rep footy here and there. So that takes up a few games. But I'm not far off hanging up the boots off to be honest. But nah it's been good journeys, good club, they've helped us out heaps and good bunch of boys to be around. But yeah, just disappointed with today, obviously.

((WN)) You just mentioned that you might hang up the boots some time soon. Would that be end of this season or end of next?

((James Turvey)) Oh, yeah. Who knows? I was happy just sort of play a bit of reggies this year, but I've been roped in again, but it's good we got a good crew this year. We just didn't turn up in the first 20 minutes, which is just killed us with 30 points. You can't really catch up rugby that good.

((WN)) I think you guys were pretty decent in the first 20 minutes of that first half. Must have been happy with that?

((James Turvey)) Yeah, if we did that for 80 [minutes] we'd already would be right. But rugby goes for 80 minutes. So.

((WN)) Who's next?

((James Turvey)) I wouldn't even know. I don't follow the schedule. I just turn up on Tuesday, Tuesday and try and do my best.

((WN)) So show up where the coaches tell you too?

((James Turvey)) Yeah. Yeah. That's it, yeah.

((WN)) Any special prep or just same old same old?

((James Turvey)) I work quite a bit. So yeah, not a lot of prep for me, obviously you can tell from my physical look. [Laughs]

((WN)) I've seen worse.

((James Turvey)) Yeah, Thanks.


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