Prague explosion injures dozens

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Monday, April 29, 2013

A massive explosion in the centre of Czech capital Prague has injured 35 or more people this morning.

The blast occurred just before 10am local time in a building on Divadelní Street. Spokesman for local authorities Tomas Hulan says it is uncertain what caused the detonation but a natural gas leak is suspected. "A gas blast seems to be the most likely cause", he said. "The explosion was rather massive and damaged windows in several streets".

The blast shattered windows of buildings in the area, including the National Theatre. Police have sealed off the area and are currently searching for people they believe may be trapped beneath the rubble.

Zdeněk Schwarz, head of the Prague rescue service, said rescue workers had not yet been able to enter the building where the explosion occurred to search for missing people and determine any further gas leaks.