Radical left computer activists capture data of Blood and Honour web forum with 31,948 users

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Radical antifascist computer hackers, from an "international task force" Datenantifa (literally: data-antifa), claim that they have hacked the forum www.bloodandhonour.com. In a press release on the German indymedia page from August 29, 2008, they have provided links to roughly 800 MB of data, that are said to be a full mirror of the web forum with its 31,948 registered users. The German newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau has evaluated the files and states that 500 sets of data would belong to users from Germany. (Bild, a German tabloid, gives the number of 1200.) The Blood and Honour network is illegal in Germany, and this data, although obtained illegally and not usable in court, will very likely lead to criminal investigations.

In the press release the hackers said that "As a part of our struggle against the fascist movement we hacked the forum of: www.bloodandhonour.com!" They attribute their success to a cooperation with friendly groups "domestic and abroad," and emphasize that the databases of the server were retrieved in "laboriously prepared cloak-and-dagger operation" that involved a "house search".

Günther Hoffmann, from the Center for Democratic Culture commented that "some people in the far-right extremist scene are going to get very nervous, including activists from the NDP," as a result of the incident. Katharina König from the Action Alliance against the Right in Jena said that there was now "evidence that Blood and Honour concerts continue to take place in Germany." Furthermore the Datenantifa had secured so-called "red-watch-lists", on which Neo-Nazis gather information on their political enemies.