Rains visit much of Texas, but most of state still in drought

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Graphic displaying drought factor across the US, February.
Image: David Miskus (NOAA).

Although severe rains have hit much of Texas in recent days, the Texas Water Development Board's latest weekly report indicated 46% of the state continues to encounter troubling drought conditions. The report released Monday also indicated, however, conditions were "moving in the right direction." The report further indicates the state's reservoirs, an integral part of citizens' water supply, is still 20 percent below normal.

Large parts of East Texas experienced heavy rains earlier this month. Earlier this week, a severe rain storm struck the city of Tyler and surrounding areas. About 3,000 residents were without power at one point as a result of downed power lines.

The city of Wichita Falls has seen a severely dry period, spanning well over three years. One media source recently stated the city had experienced its harshest 41-month drought period since 1897. Notably, experts predict Texas's population may nearly double over the next 45 years.

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