Rebellion in Brazilian State Prison is over

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005 The rebellion at the Urso Branco (White Bear) State Prison in Porto Velho, the capital of the Brazilian state of Rondonia, has ended.

The rebelling prisoners entered into an agreement with the Brazilian authorities. The Secretary of Public Security of Rondônia, Renato Eduardo de Souza, said that the police officers are ready to enter the prison, examine the prisoners and to place them into the cells, and to free the hostages.

Informations from the prison indicated the death of at least 16 persons during the rebellion. However the deaths have not been confirmed and some prisoners have affirmed that the deaths were faked.

The rebellion at the prison began on Sunday. More than 200 people were held hostage and the prisoners were demanding the return of their leader: Ednildo Paula Souza, aka Birrinha, from another prison.

The authorities agreed and said that Birrinha will be transferred to Urso Branco.