Ron Paul receives US$4 million in donations in 24 hours

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ron Paul

In late October, supporters of United States Republican candidate-for-President Ron Paul set up a website soliciting a "money bomb" of campaign donations to coincide with November 5th, the anniversary of Guy Fawkes Day, at

The fund-raising campaign fell short of its original goal of 100,000 donors each donating US$100 to generate $10 million for Paul's campaign. However, the final amount raised by over 35,000 Ron Paul donors was over $4 million. This is the largest fundraising day in primary history since John Kerry's 2004 acceptance of the Democratic nomination. It was originally reported that on June 30, 2007 Hillary Clinton raised $6.5 million. According to the Paul campaign, though Clinton reported all that money on June 30th, it was in fact raised over the course of a week, not in a single day.

Paul is running for the Republican nomination but self-identifies as a libertarian. Although Paul has been successful online, in straw polls, in debate polls, in fundraising, and in turnouts at rallies, his national polling has remained in the single digits.