Searchers of pig farm for pig digested human remains receive counseling

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Pigs heading to market

The Vancouver Sun obtained two reports relating to the search of a British Columbia pig farm believed to be the location of 26 murders where the women's bodies were fed to the pigs which later went to market.

Police have said the investigation was "unprecedented in Canadian history" for its investigative and forensic aspects. The Canadian RCMP said that over 600 people waded through piles of animal waste, and uncovered the gruesome evidence.

The documents show that about 500 police and civilians, as well as 102 anthropology students were involved and received counselling throughout the search for forensic human remains.

"Water and soil analysis had to be done on a regular basis to check for contaminates that may cause health concerns for on-site personnel." the health services report said. "The investigators had to go through a lot of bird waste and animal waste, and infections from this was always a concern.... Gloves and masks (were) worn by all working on the site."