South Dakota tower demolition botched

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Sunday, December 4, 2005

South Dakotans got more than a charity bash Saturday after a planned demolition of the tallest building in South Dakota, a feed plant tower, went badly. Experts will attempt to reprise their role on Monday, planting more explosives to topple the now leaning Zip Feed Mill tower of Sioux Falls, or perhaps finish it by smashing it down with a wrecking ball.

Some would like to see the odd landmark stay in its 30 degree list as a tourist attraction. But few believe the partnership that owns it will stand for such a ruse. Most believe the tower is a major menace in its present half-demolished position.

Tickets were sold for a dollar each to raise money for local charities, raising over $100,000. The massive concrete structure's ability to withstand the timed and computer designed blasting pattern was underestimated.

The 202 foot tower was the tallest building in South Dakota, but may no longer be so due to its tilt.