Student questioning Senator Kerry is tasered

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A US Military Taser

A 21-year old American student has been tasered by campus police at a political forum held at the University of Florida. Andrew Meyer was taking part in a forum with former Presidential Candidate John Kerry and was asking Mr. Kerry why he did not contest the previous election results.

Mr. Meyer was removed from the crowd, after becoming disruptive when he exceeded his allotted questioning time, and attempted to arrest the man for breach of the peace. After attempting to resist arrest, he was wrestled to the ground by six officers. He was then tasered. The student can be heard in video clips screaming during his arrest and also shouting for help.

Mr. Meyer was charged with breaking the peace and was detained overnight by local police.

The move by the campus police has drawn criticism from many including fellow students who have called for the officers concerned to be suspended. A campus spokesman said that an internal review would be carried out to determine if the use of the taser was appropriate.

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