Sudan accuses Chad of air strikes

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sudan blamed Chad on Sunday of launching an air strike on its territory, a day after accusing the country of mounting two other raids.

"This morning at 10.30 local time [0.730 GMT], another visit took place on the same location and using the same method," said Othman al-Aghbash, a spokesman for the Sudanese army.

Sudan also accused Chad earlier on Friday of launching a pair of airstrikes 60 kilometers (37 mi) into Sudanese territory. Chad promptly dismissed the accusations, claiming that Sudan was "the robber who cries thief."

Ali Youssef Ahmed, the head of the Sudanian foreign ministry, called the Friday air strikes an "act of war". He did not comment on whether Sudan was considering to retaliate to the alleged attacks, only saying that "we are considering all options."

A spokesman for the Chadian government told reporters that "is surprised to learn that the regime in Khartoum is protesting against action by the Chadian air force on Sudanese territory". A confrontation would be "simply the consequence of the attack on Chad organised by Sudan, using mercenaries armed, trained, financed and directed by satellite by the Khartoum regime", he said.