Suicide bomb kills 40 in Iraq

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

A suicide bomber in Iskandariya, Iraq, a town just south of the county's capital Baghdad, blew himself up killing at least 40 people and injuring at least 60 others on Sunday February 24.

Iraqi officials say that the bomber was wearing a vest and then blew himself up after entering a pilgrim 'comfort station' off a main road near where a religious fair is being held for Shia pilgrims. The station was providing items such as water and food to passing pilgrims.

United States and Iraqi forces quickly re-established a safe-zone surrounding the pilgrimage fair.

"[We quickly] re-established a safe environment for the rest of the pilgrims as they continued to walk south," said 4th Brigade Commander of the U.S. military's 3rd Infantry Division, Col. Tom James.

This was the second attack in one day believed to be targeting Shia Pilgrims. The first attack was in Doura a district of Baghdad. 49 people were injured and three others were killed when pilgrims passed over a roadside bomb which was followed by militant gunfire.