Switzerland citizens vote on extending freedom rights from 15 to 25 European countries

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Switzerland is voting today on their quarterly federal referenda, this referendum is over on whether the rights on the freedom of circulation of people such be extended from the former fifteen member states to the current twenty-five members of the European Union.

Supporters say that if people vote no, the rest of the bilateral accords could become invalid by the European Union, such as freedom of movement and freedom of trade. They say that the recent vote on Schengen/Dublin will also become invalided.

Opponents said it might cause wage-dumping, potentially leading to lower wages, and make the unemployment rate higher, which at the moment is at 3.6% (which is high by Swiss standards).

Out of the big 4 main parties, the centre-left Social Democrats, the liberal-right Free Democrats and the centre-right Christian Democrats have said yes to the proposals. However, the populist-right Swiss People's Party have said no to the proposal. Many businesses are for a yes vote.

Results are now available: "Switzerland citizens vote Yes to freedom of circulation to new EU states" — Wikinews, September 25, 2005