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Journalist notes[edit]

Hawkeye7 took notes again. Hence the changes in hand writing. Some comments did not make it into the written version of notes because he had the note book at the end of the game. I was talking to the trainer for ACTAS and he was the one who relayed the purpose of this series, the player cuts from 20 down to seventeen. According to the trainer, that was the primary purpose for this series. The Japanese were giving players who normally did not see playing time a chance in order to determine who to cut. Their best pitcher, according to the ACTAS trainer, makes around a million dollars a year playing club softball for a Japanese corporation. (Japanese club structure confirmed by the Japanese translator.) She only pitched around one inning this series as a result.

This file contains date information for last night's second game. 2012-03-24 17-20 Andrew Leigh.pdf

This file contains scores for today's game and the score. It also contains the Japanese roster. 2012-03-24 17-31 March 24 Spirit Game.pdf

This file contains the scores for the first game yesterday and the two games on Thursday. 2012-03-24 17-26 March 23 game.pdf

The first two scores are found in this file. Two game test series wikinews notes.pdf These scores are also mentioned in Japan beats Aussie Spirit in first two games of series.

Aussie Spirit

Uniform #, name, batting order, position
16 Porter, Stacey, 1, 5
29 Long-Droppert, Verity, 2, 8
15 De Blaes, Brenda, 3, DP
25 Forkin, Chelsea, 4, 7
34 Stevenson, Jodie, 5, 2
27 Bowering, Jodie, 6, 3
2 Warwick, Clare, 7, 6
4 McManus Stacey, 8, 4
17 Godfrey, Leigh, 9, 9
19 Stokes, Vanessa, Flex, 1


32 Parnaby, Kaia
1 Wall, Jade
3 Cox, Michelle
10 McCallum, Jocelyn
11 Smethurst, Justine
12 Tollenaere, Kym
14 Holden, Sandra
20 Weaver, Melinda
22 White, Belinda
31 Murch, Aimee

--LauraHale (talk) 10:13, 24 March 2012 (UTC)

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