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Your two Nick Butterly sources appear to have identical stories. If so, just list the source under one publisher or the other, not both. I would also like to see a statement about how the Bali bombing has affected the Australian psyche, and made such legislation, which would have been unthinkable a few years ago, more likely to pass now. StuRat 13:31, 10 September 2005 (UTC)

I removed the second Nick Butterly source (from The Advertiser). Feel free to put it back in if there was something unique in that source which I missed. StuRat 13:38, 11 September 2005 (UTC)

Why do wikinews articles turn into "Controversy about..." ?[edit]

I think this should be resisted. It amazes how much it misses the point. You have an oppurtunity to get some information out about some event and instead it descends into a whole lotta what people *feel* about things. The headline should be: "Australia proposes new anti-terror laws".

I'm fine with that suggested title change, especailly since it makes it shorter, but do feel the reaction of the citizens to this new proposed legislation is a valid part of the news story, and should be included. In a democracy, how people "feel" is very important in determining what legislation is passed and what is rejected. In a totalitarian state, what people feel only matters to them, until they feel so strongly about something that they fight a revolution, that is. StuRat 21:56, 10 September 2005 (UTC)
but i hope you see what im saying: peoples opinions are secondary... the articles should focus on factual content that allows the reader to form their own opinions. Most of the quotes wikinewsies add are simply their as a substitute for editorialising. Certainly you should provide quotes from key players, but it really is not the news; in this case the proposed laws are the news.
Please sign up/log in and then sign your posts with ~~~~, which adds your username and timestamp, so we can get to know you better. StuRat 13:28, 11 September 2005 (UTC)
I changed the title, as you suggested, and also moved the details of the new proposed laws up front. The criticisms and support are listed after. I must disagree with you that reaction to a new proposed law is "not news", however. Consider a report in Colonial America that simply stated "British raising taxes on tea" without any coverage of the colonial outrage this caused, which then led to the tea boycotts, the Boston Tea Party, and eventually revolution. Getting back to this article, the only quote is from a supporter of the laws, Aussie PM John Howard. I feel this article does an excellent job of balancing the differing opinions from the supporters and opposition (from both the general public and the Muslim community). I am not the author, BTW, but was here as a judge to determine if this entry is eligible for the WikiNews International News Writing Contest. It looked good to me (with a few tweaks). I have seen many biased stories here, however, I agree with you there. I try my best to fix such articles to make them NPOV, when I find them. StuRat 13:22, 11 September 2005 (UTC)
Compare "Australia proposes new anti-terror laws" to current headline.
Please note that headlines should contain a verb. --Chiacomo (talk) 02:37, 12 September 2005 (UTC)
Why is that ? "Katrina aftermath" or "The Pope is dead" seem like valid titles to me. StuRat 08:53, 13 September 2005 (UTC)

New anti-terror law[edit]

Who is going to be targetted mainly? We are convinced it is going to be the innocent people, who will suffer. The so called 'terrorists' are laughing, as their goals have been achieved.

  Why New Zealand is not concerned with terrorism, and many more countries of the world?

Our personal liberties are going to be undermined by irresponsible people? The peaceful protesters of an unjust war in Iraq are going to be detained, not only in Washington DC, but here in Australia. It is already happening, like Mrs Cindy Sheenan. We can see the danger of, what is coming to us, all in the name of caring for the safety of Australian citizens.

Very concerned law-abiding citizen of this country.


Draconian Antiterror Law...[edit]

It appears that all state premiers did agree with J.H. on a need to have this law, in Australia. We are all afraid of a misuse by irresponsible individuals, who are getting more power, than ever before. Australia is becoming a police state, where anybody can fall a victim of a police abuse. A history repeats itself, that's how Hitler started his campaign of conquering the world.

very concern,

Citizens of the world.