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        	1QG 	1QB 	2QG 	2QB 	3QG 	3QB 	4QG 	4QB 	PTS
Drouin  	4 	5 	10 	8 	15 	11 	20 	15 	135
Leongatha 	1 	2 	4 	5 	8 	6 	11 	7 	73
Elimination Final
20.15-135 	  	Drouin

11.7-73 	  	Leongatha

	2:20 PM
Sun 29/Aug

Wonthaggi Recreation Reserve

Goal Kickers: T. KNEEBONE 5, C. Dunne 4, B. McCallum 3, D. Barrand 2, B. Walker 2, P. McGrath , j. Edwards , B. Edwards , S. Proctor
Best Players: A. Soumilas, C. Dunne, D. Barrand, B. McCallum, D. Woodhead, P. McGrath
Goal Kickers: M. Truscio 4, M. Willcocks , N. Nagel , T. Marriott , T. Dowd , D. Westaway , J. Casey , D. Holt
Best Players: J. Sutherland, M. Truscio, R. McLennan, M. Willcocks, T. Dowd, T. Marriott

Qualifying Final
18.12-120 	  	Traralgon
15.14-104 	  	Morwell

	2:20 PM
Sat 28/Aug

Traralgon Recreation Reserve

Goal Kickers: S. Dunbar 4, R. Hore 3, T. Aitken 3, N. Quenault 2, T. Johnston 2, S. Hazelman , D. McKenna , M. Geary , G. Sinclair
Best Players: S. Dunbar, R. Hore, D. Campbell, D. McKenna, J. Hall, M. Burge
Goal Kickers: M. Johnston 5, J. Soutar 2, L. Visser 2, S. Mills , R. Tatterson , J. Brown , J. MacFarlane , L. Dowling , A. Cox
Best Players: M. Johnston, R. Michaelides, L. Visser, J. Dowling, D. Soutar, L. Dowling
        	1QG 	1QB 	2QG 	2QB 	3QG 	3QB 	4QG 	4QB 	PTS
Traralgon 	6 	1 	9 	4 	14 	6 	18 	12 	120
Morwell 	1 	4 	8 	6 	12 	9 	15 	14 	104


Where are these teams located or where did they play? City? State? etc... DragonFire1024 (Talk to the Dragon) 11:32, 29 August 2010 (UTC)

Review of revision 1085617 [Passed][edit]


DragonFire1024 asks a valid question. Seriously, how does an article like this pass review for newsworthiness?

News is relevant. Being Wikinews — global and Internet-based — stories about local news may need to have their relevance explained for our international audience. Stories should appeal to a large number of people.

– Wikinews:Content Guide

It's a report on a local Australian Rules Football amateur league. Since it inevitably ends up on the main page of Wikipedia Current Events, I fail to see why it deserves such prominence without explaining its relevance to an international audience. I can't decide if it's an ongoing parochial joke the writer is playing on Wikinews readers, or whether the writer genuinely believes it might be of interest to anyone outside of Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. If I find any consolation, it's "finals week one" and soon these weekly news reports will be over until next year -- unless of course, it's replaced by weekly updates of Norway's Flekkefjord Amateur Curling League. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs)

To start at the begining, DragoFire1024's point as I understand it was that I didn't adequately explain where the games were played. This has been rectified.
The Gippsland League is a semi-professional (the players get some payment and work another job).
I know for a fact that people living outside of Gippsland would be interested (myself for one). These people may have family playing in the league and may not have access to other material.
Next year? I haven't thought about it that much. Let's hope Bairnsdale join the league. I'll see what I'm doing.
I'd welcome your curling articles.
And sign your comments --RockerballAustralia c 08:09, 30 August 2010 (UTC)
  • By the words "relevance explained", I think the content guide is getting at the idea that someone from the other side of the planet should be able to read the first sentence, and decide whether it is relevant to them or not (it is too easy when writing local news to assume that only a local audience will see it, and, for example, not mention whether it is Oz rules, soccer or rugby, or whether it is an international or a local league.)
  • We generally encourage local news, particularly original reporting.
  • Wikinews doesn't provide the material for Wikipedia Current Events. That section of the Wikipedia Main Page is built by Wikipedia administrators, and they kindly include a small link to Wikinews main page. I appreciate that it can be confusing.
--InfantGorilla (talk) 19:49, 30 August 2010 (UTC)