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Read some interviews with this man. He stood in the way.

here's one:


AFAIK, there is currently no evidence that Thompson committed suicide because of his political views or his reaction to the American political scene. Therefore, the comparison with Vladimir Mayakovsky is unfounded, at least until there is actually some evidence that politics was involved (and if such evidence does exist, the story ought to link to it). The article ought to be about his death and his life — that's leave it at that. Therefore I have removed the comparison, as well as some material that was in a similar vein (Thompson's analysis of the 2004 campaign is not a "source"; similarly, the reference to his last book was a pretty clear political comment.) Neilc 12:00, 21 Feb 2005 (UTC)

How about this evidence that you have no right to remove anything here: vociferously better described his involvement. As far as you know is not as far as anyone does, remember that.

The above uncredited remarks were posted by User: I can't actually claim to understand what he's trying to say above, mind you. Dan100 (Talk) 22:39, 22 Feb 2005 (UTC)

ok whatever. i felt i reached out and edited, using the term vociferous to describe the kerry support, and someone who knew even less than i did came along and changed it to active, because it sounded more journalistic. turns out i was as deluded as anyone, thinking either thompson shot himself despondently, or he was taken out by his enemies. not that i have ruled out the latter, but it is really seeming like he did it himself, and not despondently at all. i still think maybe they figured out how to make the lsd with a mind-controlling ingredient. anyway, sorry if i feel anger at times when confronted with other people's viewpoints, and i appreciate that there has generally been tolerance of mine here. i think the wikiness of wikis is better served by fierce editors, not fierce editing, but how very POV of me ;)

Great improvements![edit]

I haven't had the chance to review the article closely, but this appears to be a massive improvement on the original theme, Paulrevere2005. I want to congratulate you on the effort you've put into this. - Amgine 17:31, 24 Feb 2005 (UTC)

Hi Amgine. Help me understand this. Are you suggesting Paulrevere2005 is a good name for me? I like it by the way. What I don't understand is that you seem to be liking my input here, and disliking it in the power failure story. -anonymous user
I assumed you were User:Paulrevere2005 due to the articles Another author of “anti-bush” books dies of apparent suicide, Hunter Thompson on the radio; Jan.2003;“we'll see what happens to me if I get my head cut off ..commit suicide … with no witnesses." and Hunter Thompson on the radio; Jan.2003; “we'll see what happens to me if I …commit suicide … with no witnesses.", given in order of creation. The user was temporarily banned for repeatedly placing these on the main page after being warned against doing so, and so may have attempted to circumvent the ban using a different IP.
This article, Author Hunter S. Thompson found dead, is a marked improvement over the previous versions.
Your comments on the other discussion page will be addressed there. - Amgine 00:12, 25 Feb 2005 (UTC)
Nope, he and I just have a compatible POV. I've been editing in a very minor way since I discovered this project and Wikipedia about 2 months ago. I believe the other user--myself as well--cares more about having/creating a forum for people and truth to get together, than about honoring--or exposing the murderers of--people that have tried to do this in the past. We both respect--I'm assuming a little here--the efforts of everyone from Mr. Wales on down (across?) in making this forum one that has respectability as well as freedom. Your guidance is appreciated, by me, anyway, in the past and future. I've used one or 2, tops, other IP's besides this one, and those in the very early days of my involvement, and tried to tie together my identity when I did. I guarantee no one will ever consider me a troll or vandal. I'm still trying to find a good name.

Washed up old sports writer[edit]

I seem to recall that decades ago Thompson said something along the lines of "If I ever end up a washed-up old sports writer, I'll kill myself". Does anyone else recall anything along these lines, or have a source on it? It's interesting granted as Thompson's only journalistic effort at the time of the suicide (Indeed, literally at the exact moment of it as well) was his online column for