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RAW TEXT[edit]

My name is George Campbell

My party is the Christian Heritage Party of Canada

I am running as a candidate for Dartmouth/Cole Harbour

I am running as a candidate because I see the Moral Fibre of Canada slowly deteriorating through poverty, violence, family breakdowns, education system, justice system, environmental issues as well as the moral issues that government refuse to research and put to the people of Canada once and for all. We certainly need to address our Armed Forces and the role they are to play within the nations and that they are well equipped and provided for in their ongoing duties of peace keeping. I am running at the federal level because I am more familiar with the way the federal government works and as a past employee on many levels I am familiar with its inner workings. I am running in Dartmouth/Cole Harbour because it is where I live and pastor a church and drive a school bus.


I have never been politically involved other than being a member of a political party. I believe that my past 45 years wok experience in many professions and areas of volunteering has given me much wisdom and insight to the struggles and needs of the majority of hard working Canadians. I can also identify with their everyday needs whether at home, at work or in school.

The three top issues that I have encountered are: 1. The economy (high prices of basic needs) 2. Not having any candidate or M.P. meet personally to talk about issues 3. Our troops in Afghanistan I believe our party's platform completely outlines our attack on the economy and the answers to providing a relief from much of the economic pressures suffered by Canadians. One being the change to the income tax structure. In reference to a one on one with peoples representatives in Ottawa, periodic mail outs are good by does not answer questions and concerns. As a representative of the people in my riding I would hold a quarterly town hall meeting in various locations in the riding to be available to the people. In regards to our troops, I believe Canada has long been regarded as a peace keeping nation by the world and we need to return to our profile as first and foremost peace keepers but also be ready to defend those who are persecuted due to racial or ethnic origins and who suffer because of war.

I believe that there are no misconceptions about myself, I am who I declare I am and hold dearly to my personal convictions as I also believe our leader does and, our party and platform.

From my experience, the best way to get the message out is through word of mouth.