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Original research[edit]

  • How do you feel about food getting in?
    • police no longer letting food in -- this morning, had been told to give list, management not letting food in, Louise christian has spoken to them. "brave people"
  • How is mood since Luke left?
    • mood is stil good. Luke was having problems as not being fed properly. we fully support luke, but down to 16 people inside. "very determined"
  • Do you credit any particular group for getting things going?
    • talked to Visteon beforehand. other is AWL talked to before. swp, sp came in later. workrs climate action can't claim credirt for whole thjing but were definitely involvred. quitre big involvement for all groups. but was workers' committee that was making deciseive actions.
  • How do you feel about backing from Solidarity, which is BNP-backed?
    • rather not have anything tyo do with the bnp. we do not want their support. they go againt a lot of the tjhings people beklieve in hrere. we have polish workers withy usm they're vour friends
  • Have you all joined a union now?
    • still not joined a union, only 3 union memers inside
  • Thomas Cook in Dublin has gone into occupation. Any message for them?
    • offrerd solidarity. already spoken to them. "we fully support what you're doing. don't back down do niot becpushed around, do not be intimidated"
  • Motive to close -- US govt pays a lot more money.
    • message from Korean ocvcupatioon both ways.

(again, typing while talking, sorry it's garbled) --Killing Vector (talk) 15:25, 2 August 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]