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Context is needed. Who is Brash? -- user:zanimum

Article needs reworking to include dates[edit]

This article was only written on September 12th I assume which is fine and date of the article should be at the front but since it's several days after the event, it needs reworking since currently, it would appear to suggest Brash just admitted on September 12th or maybe September 11th which is obviously not the case 00:09, 13 September 2005 (UTC)

POV and undersourced[edit]

The second para is POV. The george bush dribble at the end is just well, pure dribble. The article is undersourced. George Bush is not mentioned in the sole source *at all*. The term sect is not controversial imo, but the authours are trying to use it to be controversial. A sect is a small group of people that diverge from political/societal/religous majority and split off and have coffee and cakes while they talk about it. Most third party politcial groups are 'sects'. And if they are so connected to mainstream conservative politics, maybe they aren't a sect then?