NZ opposition leader admits to fundamentalist contacts

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Don Brash
The New Zealand General Election
Preliminary Election Results:
Labour NZ First National
40.72 5.84 39.63
Greens United Future ACT
5.07 2.72 1.52
Progressive Maori Party Others
1.21 1.98 1.29

100 % Counted:5 hrs in to the Count

  • Polling Places Counted: 6,094 of 6,094 (100.0%)
  • Total Votes Counted: 2,052,813
  • Special Votes: 193,348

Official Results

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Don Brash, leader of the opposition National Party in New Zealand, admitted that he was aware that members of the Exclusive Brethren church were going to release contentious brochures attacking his political rivals. Mr Brash said he had met members of the church a number of times. He has admitted today that he was aware of the group's intention to publish brochures that were critical of the Labour Party and The Greens. A spokesman for the Group admitted to having spent NZ$500,000 on the campaign so far.

The pamphlets were published without the link to the Church being obvious. However, former members of the Church identified the men as belonging to the church which has been described as a sect. The Exclusive Brethren are a closed order. Its members are not allowed to listen to Radio, Television or use computers at all. There are approximately 2000 members in New Zealand and active branches in the US and Australia. They are linked to political support for George Bush and other conservative politicians.