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Is 'co-ordinated' the UK version of 'coordinated' or is that a typo? --RossKoepkeTalk 16:28, 17 July 2005 (UTC)

Did authorities "let it happen"????[edit]

This wikipedia report may be an eyeopener for some about the willingness of some American leaders to kill and/or facilitate the killing of their own citizens for foreign policy objectives. [[1]]. I can only hope that the British authorities have not sunk so low.

The history of allowing and passively engineering enemy attacks upon citizens in order to move public opinion toward a pro-war "let's get the bastards" majority is not a "conspiracy theory"'s just plain western history. e.g. [[2]] [[3]][[4]]... that ruse cost the lives of 68,000 American servicemen..then there is [[5]] and [[6]]; and maybe even 9/11[[7]]

The point,in my opinion, is that the people,the voters, have to actually do some research and think about the post tragedy stories our governments put forth.

Finally, and this will require some research in order to confirm or refute, (unless one prefers to just resort to name-calling)powerful interests within the USA for the past 2 centuries have had clandestine foreign policies which included and embraced frame-ups and violent attacks upon civilians in order to move populations in a particular direction and or to obtain strategic positioning geographically[[8]][[9]]

For some inexplicable reason I read a book by Walter Russell Mead of the U.S. Council of Foreign Relations [[10]] titled "Special Providence: American Foreign Policy and How it Changed the World"[[11]] a book that showed how much of a mushroom I really am; a book which shows that not only do many western leaders know about and accept the war engineering and racial/religious/cultural hate engineering accomplished by frame-ups..they actually believe it is now America's Divine duty to conquer the world ("divine providence" and "manifest destiny") and that the end justifies the means. Which explains to me..finally.."why are american troops in Iraq,Kuwait,S Korea,Saudi Arabia,Cuba etc.etc.etc." It's not because the american people want them to be there; it's because the people like Kerry and Bush and Mead want them to be there.

WHY??? 1.In order to invade and take over territory(either directly or via puppet governments) you have to have a war 2.It takes 2 to make a war;you have to have an enemy. 3.Easiest way to make an enemy is to move next door(or even into the back yard) and have a bunch of weapons pointed at the potential enemy's kids; imo.

But, prove me this f___ing book that Mead wrote; and see American history in a brand new light. Paulrevere2005 20:21, 16 July 2005 (UTC)