Pakistan warned British intelligence about terrorist plans to bomb London

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Sunday, July 17, 2005

A British newspaper has revealed that Pakistan had warned British counter-terrorism experts in May 2005 about terrorist plans to bomb London in the 'early summer'.

The Pakistani interior minister, Aftab Sherpao, told The Observer that interrogations of a 25-year old Pakistani-born Briton believed to be a member of al-Qaeda had revealed a plot to 'bomb London pubs, restaurants and possibly railway stations' [1].

On July 7, 55 people were killed and over 700 injured in a series of co-ordinated terrorist attacks on London transport, including underground railway stations. Senior British police officers denied receiving any warning before the attacks.

However, Mr Sherpao said that Pakistan intelligence had 'received information from a number of sources and passed it on to the British' in May. Pakistani sources claim that after the London attacks, British investigators have travelled to Pakistan to interview the terrorist supect.