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Try to rely on facts. This article reports too much of pundits views instead of hard facts. --SVTCobra 01:01, 10 July 2007 (UTC)

This article needs some work:
  • A verb in the title (Fred Thompson's wife a political liability?) is required.
  • In terms of content, if you are going to write an article on how a political candidate's spouse looks, please discuss other candidate's spouses. (How is Bill Clinton looking these days?)
  • Avoid using phrases such as "is an attractive bleach-blond is raising eye-brows." (and check the grammar). --Jcart1534 01:38, 10 July 2007 (UTC)
  • I removed huge chunks, and the question mark. News shouldn't be a question. C56C 23:29, 13 July 2007 (UTC)

Not ready[edit]

I do not agree with the publication of this article "as is". First, it can't be published now with a July 9 date. It must be bumped. But more importantly, it is still chock full of one-sided criticism and pejoratives. Removing the question mark and crediting an "analyst" who doesn't get defined in the article doesn't cut it for making the article neutral. --SVTCobra 01:42, 14 July 2007 (UTC)

It is based on a New York Times article, a newspaper that doesn't share Wikinews' enthusiasm for NPOV. --SVTCobra 02:24, 14 July 2007 (UTC)

Oh, and "soon-to-be" candidate is bad. Don't predict the future. --SVTCobra 01:46, 14 July 2007 (UTC)

Revised and put up for review[edit]

I made significant edits and added sources (and moved the date up). I tagged it as "ready" so please review. I think I included viewpoints from across the spectrum including Thompson's campaign staff. --SVTCobra 03:18, 14 July 2007 (UTC)

Published. Much, much better. Well done! :) Daniel 03:22, 14 July 2007 (UTC)