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Original Research[edit]

  • soc party -- Matt Waine says: "we feel that this issue has thrown tyhe gaunt;let down as to what they can exect from the police, the state etc if they take action"
  • everybody was released. 28th was taken to hospital.
  • thomas cook willing to negotiate
  • tssa response was made "under pressure" but it's "not what the trade union should stand for right of menmbers should be paramount"
  • councillor & sp member matt waine
  • "this doesn't end here...I think the isue still remains of justice for the workers in terman of a decent redundancy pasckage"
  • "definitely not a loss. it's a victory. wthe workers have laid down a verty important marker for other workers that are in a similatr situations.
  • people before profit alliance: no answer
  • Tom Condon: -- will wait for statement
  • Phoning caroline culen --
  • "we're meeting tomorrow to talk"
  • "we're absolutely delighted with this"
  • "it was quite scary" "we havebn't had any notice"
  • brought fisj & chips for lunch, brought chocolates & good foood. didn'thandcuff. we were't treated like criminals.
  • hope to kno by tomorrow
  • tssa gen sec is negotiating for workers

--Killing Vector (talk) 00:31, 5 August 2009 (UTC)