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Sources and citations[edit]

There are no sources other than a U.S. Government press release? - Amgine/talk 05:16, 29 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Should there be? -Edbrown05 05:26, 29 Apr 2005 (UTC)
I should think so. I would not trust without reservation advertisement, and I do not trust without reservation a press release. What do other interested and knowledgeable parties have to say on this report? Was the methodology sound? What kind of effect might this have in a world which has Kyoto outside the US? - Amgine/talk 05:31, 29 Apr 2005 (UTC)
Noted. -Edbrown05
The information for the article was taken from the press release, backed up by a quick reading of the Executive Summary of the report, and a search for other sources. A search of Googlenews yesterday and today did not reveal even a single other article on the subject, although they have done EPA report such as about mercury in the near past. I found other sites that reference the report, typically in a technical fashion about the reports methodology during the report's public comment period--nothing big there. This morning, I did some further searching in Google itself, not just the news section, and found two news sources and a blog (among others) that reference the new EPA report. They news items are from March, when the draft report was released for comment. I didn't find anything noteworthy enough in the articles to add, but here are the sources:
Thanks for looking, DouglasGreen! Very frustrating, I'm sure, and frankly puzzling. I'm really surprised *somebody* hasn't mentioned the 25% loss of manufacturing base as an element of this... On the other hand, I guess this means you have an official scoop, DouglasGreen! - Amgine/talk 16:05, 29 Apr 2005 (UTC)
Yeah, a scoop! Pretty soon we'll catch up with AP and Reuters... :-) I did think about the loss of manufacturing base a bit. It seems to me that much manufacturing is probably being offshored to developing countries, like China and India, which I think is a bit of a flaw in the Kyoto Protocol, since they are exempted from regulation (for now). DouglasGreen 23:07, 29 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Hey, just wondering if anyone has heard about this great wiki-based encyclopedia called the wikipedia? Doesn't it make sense to read a bit of background before simply reprinting a government/corporate press release? There was a huge amount of work NPOVing w:Global warming - i can't reintegrate it here on my own, but i'll see if i can add at least a few corrections. Boud 15:30, 1 May 2005 (UTC)