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Hmmm this article is barely touched. I think we need a more stable base by exploring more news feeds. And, next time putting an article here be sure to read the rules first. How should we handle poison-situations? Speculation is very NPOV friendly, must wait for other wikipedians to respond...-- 17:59, 11 Dec 2004 (UTC)

We also have an article Yushchenko seriously ill. This article, it seems is reporting a new development. When I've read reports on this, there wasn't any report of high level dioxin (see talk).

I would say speculations are okay to report when they have news value and are not misleading. When misleading, we should try to somehow introduce how it is received among experts of various kinds. Well, it's not like I have thought about this throughly, so open to other views.

Regarding the rules, yes, it is better if newbies read enough rules and guidelines, but at this point, I think we should welcome quite anybody who can join us and edit in good faith. Learning as doing is fine, most of the time. So I would hope the contributor read Wikinews:Welcome and ask questions if he has any. Tomos 18:22, 11 12月 2004 (UTC)

some grammar changes, and added some quotes and names for the doctors, and reference to BBC.

I also removed ¨Yet there are main lines the media takes and somehow seem Yushchenko friendly.¨ as the meaning is not very clear - is it that the Ukrainian media has been reporting this in a pro-Yuchenka manner?

As for speculation, I think it is acceptable, so long as the speculation does not overshadow the core of the story.

I also looked for a press release from the clinic [1], but their English news page (or my browser) did not appear to be working, perhaps a native speaker could translate?

This is an interesting news story. It will test the format of wikinews: is his reliable way of making news or will it become highly sensored due to overt demand of neutrality.

I read the article and it contained only verifiable statements of facts on the matter. This news is a fact, and this news has political effect. That however does not give grounds for sensoring the article.

Rephrased some things for clarity and tried to clean up some language. -- adaMada

a major change[edit]

After a discussion at Talk:Yushchenko's illness a result of poisoning, doctors confirm, I have decided to merge two articles on the same issue.

Now there have been further development on this. The type of dioxin has been identified, formal investigation started in Ukraine, a Russian official made a statement that poisoning did not take place, etc. If someone can incorporate those stuff quickly, that would be great. Tomos 21:59, 18 Dec 2004 (UTC)


Why was the comparison picture removed?

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